About Us

Knowledge Quest is a Dsavao-based firm which offers research, training and consultancy services particularly to companies and organizations. Its main areas and concentrations are on Operations Research, Production Management, Forecasting, Statistics, Agribusiness, Marketing, Leadership and Effective Communication


Knowledge Quest aims to further improve the business climate in the Philippines, particularly in Davao City, through providing quality research and training outputs to businesses and other organizations. Also, through providing quality services to our clients, their businesses and operations will also grow and progress,


Knowledge Quest, in essence, promises to provide business solutions! Whether it be in the field of practical forecasting models, honing and equipping of the workforce, improvement of operations, project management (and the list goes on) – we would like to take part and help you achieve them

Mission statement

Knowledge Quest aims to provide quality business solutions and outputs through its research training and consultancy services to businesses and organization in the Philippines and beyond.


Vision Statement

Knowledge Quest aspires to grow and be known in the business industry with its quality research, training and consultancy services in the Philippines and beyond. It also yearns to explore various expertise and fields to better expand its opportunities and be able to catefr more clients in different areas and industries.


Our team is composed of experts in various fields and industries and we are excited to work with you! We want to be part of your growth and further success!