Engaging Educational Games

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Focus on Excellence

We believe the traditional core curriculum is important for a successful education. With a foundation in math, science, language and history anything is possible!

Unfortunately there are some important lessons that are often overlooked in a classical education. Money management, taxes, job skills, technology, government systems and others. Supplement your kids learning with the lessons that will help them navigate the real world.

Kids Quest has games and lessons that reinforce these important topics.

Our pledge is to stick to traditional values, and leave out the modern political agendas. Childrens' innocence should be preserved, and our games will focus on fun, creativity and learning.


Don't let your child be surprised when they enter the workforce. Give them a grasp of the fundamentals, and prepare them for financial responsibility.


Most people in the United States do not have enough money for emergencies. Give your children the fundamentals to be confident in their money management.