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8 Homeschool Programs with Science Curriculum

One of the most valuable tools a parent can have is an excellent homeschool science curriculum.

Real Science-4-Kids and R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey are both excellent selections for primary students. They contain hands-on labs that primarily provide household items to introduce key science concepts.

For junior high science, Apologia is a popular choice among parents. It’s a hands-on science curriculum for homeschoolers challenging enough for college preparation. It’s also for pupils who don’t have access to a complete classroom of lab gear or whose parents prefer literature over chemistry.

Here are some popular programs used among homeschoolers:


Sonlight science is a popular Christian homeschooling program that lays a firm foundation of scientific understanding and offers complete and easy-to-use hands-on science programs from kindergarten to college-level lab sciences.

Sonlight science builds on and fosters your children’s natural curiosity about how the world works, from the earth, space, life, health, physical, electrical, and technological science to college-level lab sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, and more).

Delight your children with the wonders of these subjects in greater depth as they circle back through each topic over the years.


Apologia offers a K-12 science curriculum in a conversational tone to assist students in getting more comfortable speaking about a topic and explaining scientific principles on their terms.

The Apologia curriculum, which is based on a Biblical worldview, does not teach isolated facts to be memorized for tests; instead, it places points in a greater context so that students can understand why they are learning those facts.


Time4Learning science curriculum allows you to change your child’s grade level for each subject and makes teaching science at home exciting and easy for families. Without the pressure of regular schooling, they can go ahead in reading while catching up in math. Regardless of their academic level, self-paced learning can enhance their confidence and motivate them.

Time4Learning’s lessons contain videos, animations, activities, and worksheets to keep your child involved and learning. Quizzes and tests are already included! Plus, everything is tracked and recorded, making it simple to comply with your state’s homeschooling laws.

Thousands of families have evaluated us as a reliable and comprehensive online science program for students in grades pre-K through 12.

4. K12

K12 provides tuition-free online public schools to support a more flexible homeschooling curriculum, complete with online and hands-on materials for your children in grades pre-K through 12. You can also hire an online instructor if you or your child require additional assistance.

K12’s online programs will meet your child’s needs whether your child is advanced, needs special accommodations, is planning for college, or is ready to begin their career.


Abeka is another Christian curriculum and offers good Christian content. It stands out from the other curriculums since it is the most economical of the three programs and provides accreditation at no additional expense.

Christian curriculum can also be used in private schools. It is comprehensive and keeps children engaged. You can get a whole bundle that includes all subjects, or you can order individual subjects.


It is one of the most popular homeschool curriculum programs because it follows the two most popular homeschool techniques (the Charlotte Mason and Classical).

My Father’s World has created a package that incorporates the two methodologies mentioned above and Unit Studies. Some could call it an unholy mash-up of purer techniques. According to the reviews, most parents love this program.


Bridgeway Academy is a popular homeschool curriculum since it includes virtual programs, textbooks, and live online classes, among other things.

Unlike many curricula, Bridge Way Academy makes an effort to build a curriculum for students from various backgrounds.


The Khan Academy is an award-winning non-profit free learning space where anyone can study. It’s a popular homeschool curriculum supplement with a wide range of courses in various subject areas. Choose your child’s grade level from 2nd to 12th grade and a topic area to explore the many self-paced classes available.